Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the origin of the name Maceo ? We asked you to send in results as a competition and the two winners did such sterling jobs we are reproducing their entries here :

Evan from Brooklyn submitted the following:

"doing my internet research, I saw that the name "Maceo" has two different meanings : I will address both, since I think Maceo embodies both meanings...

The name "Maceo" is one form of the Middle English name "Mace," meaning a heavy staff or club. I think this definition fits very well for Maceo, since anyone listening to Maceo play for the first time, or even someone who has heard him before will see how hard his playing can hit you. Funk music is built on the off-beats of 2 and 4, and you need to hit hard to be able to master the off-beats the way Maceo does, and so effortlessly. This definition also fits since Maceo's solos are some of the hardest hitting instrumental solos ever played...

The other definition I found for Maceo is "God's Gift." This definition couldn't fit Maceo any better. If there is anyone with a natural, God-given ability to perform and play the saxophone, it is definitely Maceo. His alto always seemed to be a natural extension of his body. It has always seemed to me that music comes so naturally and so freely- as if that ability were there from birth. No one has the control and ability to perform the way he does. One of the best examples of that is during one of his solos in "Let's Get it On," Maceo switches from his normal register into altissimo register and right back into the normal register like it's nothing (I believe it was from a high G to altissimo G back to high G). His talent is truly amazing, and the definition of 'God's Gift' fits perfectly.

Albert from Spain submitted the following as part of his entry:

"a name of a Cuban military called Antonio Maceo Grajales. He was fighting for the independence and freedom of the slaves in Cuba. At last, after a reunion called Baraguá he obtained the freedom of the Black Cuban and the Independence of Cuba from the Spanish goverment. So he became a hero around 1878".

This information is taken from: http://www.invasor.islagrande



  • What kind of Horn, mouthpiece and reeds does Maceo use ? Maceo plays a Selmer Mark VI, (which he has had goldplated) and a Brilhart Ebolin mouthpiece 3. He uses Vandoren Java 3 and a half reeds.



  • Where can I get sheet music for Maceo's songs ? At the present time there is no sheet music available.



  • Are there any other official fan sites ? and the app on all devices (smartphones but also desktop). Maceo also has a Fan Page on FaceBook.